A downloadable game for Windows

Credit: First I want to give credit where it's due, the music was not done by me and instead came from the music pack https://chippy01302.itch.io/chippy-music-pack by Chippy. It absolutely makes the game better :D

Basically a simple side scrolling 2d puzzle platformer which as of writing has 1 world with 13 levels.  Its difficult to get the hang of but once you do it gets fun.
And YES I have played and beat the entire game.

Sounds: I just realized the sounds are a RIP for headset users - it sounded better on my speakers :/

Controls: WASD + SPACE for keyboard and DPAD + A for gamepad. Also  ESC/(PLAY-PAUSE) send you to the chapter menu & BACKSPACE/B restarts the room.

BIGHINT: jump on the bug - this would normally be told in story

Context : 
You were sitting on your couch eating chips, about to start a movie. When BAM! a portal opens up n sucks you into the future! (insert portal wooshing sound) when you are dropped by the portal a strange green humanoid tells you they brought you here to squish the "grobsnog" a rare and valuable creature which the humanoid wants to be the sole owner of one... so they can sell it at a high price (evil little..) .  After that they'll let you go back home.

Note: Although I didn't make the music all code, art & sounds were done by me :)


Install instructions

Download the POSTJAM file for the most up to date version.

The MINIJAM file was the uploaded file for minijam63 and is being kept here to show the progress I made after the jam.

The file downloaded will need to be extracted, the .exe file will be found there
Run grobsnog.exe to play the game.


GrobSnog-minijam.zip 6 MB
GrobSnog-postjam.zip 6 MB

Development log


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muito legal só que aconteceu um bug na fase 5 que quando eu fui pular o jogo fechou se alguém souber porquê isso aconteçeu é só responder mas tirando isso eu gostei muito do jogo

thank you for notifying me. I was unaware of this bug. It sounds like it may be a memory leak so I will start to look into it. Glad you liked the game!

I don't speak Portuguese so I hope google translate does the job :)

Translated :
obrigado por me notificar. Eu não sabia desse bug. Parece que pode ser um vazamento de memória, então vou começar a investigá-lo. Que bom que gostou do jogo!

I Believe I fixed the issue, the patch update has been uploaded and can be downloaded if you like.

Eu acredito que consertei o problema, a atualização do patch foi carregada e pode ser baixada se você quiser.