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Playing as Cassandra Calloway, you must progress through 20 levels of dangerous lands and caverns. Finally defeating the False God of the Son, Ra' Tehf, to obtain the Coveted Ancient Jam.

Runr is a simple low resolution platformer, slow movement & patience are paramount to your survival. The game may be significantly difficult but fret not, there is a mid-game "heal" point, however, no save point. Dying will leave you restarting.

If you noticed the "Jam Edition" subtitle, that is because I may continue to work on the game post-jam. I had many new zones/levels planned but not enough time to make them, so who knows, Runr may have a full release.

Controls :

MoveA/DLeft/Right Arrow
Quick RestartR
Full ScreenF11

Credits :

Music by Chippy01302
Everything else by me HGJake

Install instructions

There will be an .exe / executable in the zip folder. Run that to play the game.


runr_jamedition.zip 66 MB

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